I'm Kiaz.
I design Things.

I have been making things my whole life! From my first creative endeavors at primary school which I proudly took home to show off to Mum ( including a crazy painting of a peregrine falcon my Aunt still has!) to a very expensive couture silk wedding gown I fashioned whilst working at the Battersea studios of Vivienne Westwood in the late nineties. I have always been fascinated with painting, drawing and sewing to produce something that stands out from the crowd. 

I grew up being taught all sorts of crafts and skills from the members of my eclectic family, trying my hand at pottery, embroidery, papier-mache, lace making, crochet, macrame, mosaic.....the list goes on! so decided pretty quickly at secondary school in Wetherby that I wanted to be an artist. In the early seventies my options were limited as art subjects available were needlework and home economics!! This led me to hand pattern cutting and textiles at Bristol Uni ,graduating with a first  in the mid eighties. jump another thirty years of amazing creative jobs and I am finally opening the doors of my wee studio in Edinburgh to you all and asking...what would you like me to make for you? 

Love Kiaz