Waistcoat lining

Today's good idea was to use the pinstripe trouser fabric for the waistcoat facings so that it's not so bulky and sits well with the trousers! Turned out better than expected so l hope the client goes for it!  


Waistcoat pockets

I am probably spending just a little too long on perfecting the pocket flaps on this gorgeous tweed waistcoat, but sometimes it's the small details that make a garment so special. I have used the amazing paisley lining to make the pocket bags, constructing two neat little single welt with lined angled flaps to finish.  


A special wedding dress

Just finishing off a few alterations to this ivory silk taffeta and tulle wedding dress which was purchased on eBay. An extra section built into the corseted back, re-insert the zip and button closures, add a silk Tulle shoulder section & voila! The bride has her dream dress at a fraction of the cost! Always happy to re-structure complicated corsetry that cannot be altered on the high street.  

will hopefully get to post a pic of it being worn later!  


Waistcoat & tailored trousers for a very smart lady

Getting on well with translating measurements into a brilliant outfit for a dapper 14yr old who doesn't want to wear a dress to a wedding! Had great fun introducing her to the joys of choosing fabrics & l think she has made a really clever choice!   it's going to be a wool pinstripe high waisted trouser with a gorgeous purple & blue tweed waistcoat, all finished off with tan buttons, brogues and shot paisley lining! 


Fabulous red silk dress

just getting to the finishing stages of a fabulous red silk dress for a wedding in Tuscany in September. Love the little lace inset details and the big bow sash that can be worn in loads of different ways. Loved working out the skirt patterns for this shape! 

 handmade red silk dress  

handmade red silk dress  


Babushka baubles

getting ready for the impending Christmas markets in Edinburgh, so running up a few cute pieces of handmade jewellery to make the stall sparkle. Loving how these little glass Russian doll beads have come into their own with the addition of a tiny tassel, some roses , and a sterling silver ball chain......gonna make one for myself! 


Glittery birthday balloons!

  Having fun with some clear balloons added to a classic gold and black bouquet today. The customer wanted a neutral colour theme as it could be for a man or woman so l have added a bit of extra glitter to make it a bit special. I think anyone would love to receive these as a birthday surprise! 


Quick Monday project!

Today's conundrum is turning my customers lovely detailed sketch ( with measurements!) into a useful little pocket set to hold toothpaste etc inside his retro camper van. He wants to attach it with Velcro to the carpeted wall to free up counter space, great idea! I decided to make it in basic heavy calico so that he can pop it in the washing machine with a fablon dye to get it exactly the colour he wants.   



And the finished result!  



Helium balloons for George Herriot's

Busy first day back after a week off on hols to decorate the beautiful school hall for the P7 keiligh today. All the balloons are in the school colours of Navy, gold and white of course! I like to do a couple of columns of big stars for the stage to show off the live musicians who provide the traditional Scottish reels. can you imagine your school dance looking like this!! It always makes me feel like l am in Hogwarts, and all the smartly dressed children look like perfect little extras! 


Hand embroidery

Today l am making a little finishing touch for one of my brides. I love hand embroidery, it is surprisingly fast to complete once you master a few stitches and makes things totally unique! You can commission me to stitch a sentiment, just give me an idea to work on!  



More peals and lace detail

We decided to scatter a handful of slightly larger pearls around the front neckline to illuminate the neck and face, loving the choice to go a bit bigger!  


phew! final fitting for the wedding dress!

Just thought I would show you a couple of details now we are in the home strait with the wedding dress! Loving the beautiful eyelash lace which I hand sewed clear sequins and seed pearls on to give a really ethereal quality that just catches the light where it meets skin. Looking really enchanting!